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Frequently asked questions about the ordering process:

Q: What is the payment process to start an order?

A: We require 50% down payment to begin production on a shelter. We can take all forms of credit cards over the phone or you can send a check in the mail. Production does not start until payment is received.

Q: What is covered in your warranty?

A: Our 2 year warranty covers manufacturing and materials. If the sewing fails or the material breaks down it will be fixed. If a vandal takes a machete to the shelter or you drag it behind your truck for two miles that is not covered, sorry.

Q: How long is production time on a shelter?

A: Occasionally we have a shelter in stock, if not the production time can vary from as little as 2 weeks to as much as 6 weeks if we are very busy.

Q: Can I come and pick up my shelter?

A: Yes you can, just be sure you don't drive here in a mini cooper or you may not have enough room for the shelter.

Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Yes, we do have a financing program.

Q: Can I make small payments over time?

A: You can certainly do that however the tent is not shipped until the final payment is received.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: That would depend on the size of the shelter but shipping is usually around $250-300 for most shelters.

Q: How is the shelter shipped?

A: Most sizes are shipped UPS, if it is too large for UPS it will go freight. 


Frequently asked questions about the shelters:

Q:What is the key to making my shelter last a long time? 

A: Aside from treating it well the most important thing is not to store your shelter while it is wet, this will cause it to mold mildew and become a smelly mess. If you use the shelter in the rain be sure to dry it out before the next day or so before putting it away for storage

Q: How long does it take the shelter to inflate?

A: The average shelter takes about 60 seconds to inflate

Q: How long will my shelter last?

A: We have shelters that last over 10 years. The nicer you are to them the longer they will last.

Q: How much wind can the shelter take?

A: The shelter can take winds up to 25 miles per hour, it should not be used in winds higher than 25mph.  

Q: Does the blower used to inflate the shelter need to remain on at all times?

A: Yes it does.

Q: Can you make a different size shelter than what is shown?

A: We can usually make custom sizes but we generally do not make tents bigger than our Giant Shelter.

Q: Can I use a multi-color logo on my banner?

A: Yes. We have a digital printer in house and can print any logo you have. Just be sure it is high quality so it will not be distorted when it is blown up.

Q: How big is the shelter when it is all rolled up?

A: That depends on the size of the shelter but the 23' shelter (our most common size) rolls up to a 3' diameter ball and fits easily into the storage bag.

Q: Do you offer other colors besides white?

A: We do offer all basic colors however most tents are made from white because it lets in the most light. 

Q: What is the best way to clean a shelter?

A:Typically we use 409 or even diluted bleach on a shelter, you should test a small spot first before cleaning though. Pressure washers may work but they may also damage the materials and manufacturing and would not be covered by warranty. Use at your own risk. 

Q: Can I have custom vents or lighting attachments?

A: Yes, we make all of our shelters to order. Any custom work is no problem.


 Inflatable shelters made by: 

Big Productions Inc
45300 US HWY 20
Oberlin, OH 44074
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